Taking into account the special situation of the region with a large population, spread out in parts of four continents of the world, we felt the need to make our apostolate and formation program more relevant, professional and effective. The opening address made by Fr Juan Antonio Carrera brought us a clearer idea of our responsibilities and challenges and the need to strain forward as an organized and unified group.
Coming from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds and varying economic and social situations, but with the same Pauline ideal handed on to us by our charismatic founder Blessed James Alberione, we became more aware of each others' successes, failures, difficulties and struggles during our sharing sessions. But we hope to move ahead, making our failures and difficulties as opportunities for future success and accepting changes for better, trusting in Divine Providence.
In the apostolic front, it will be our endeavor to become more effective communicators of the good news, by enhancing our competency in using the means of communication and through greater collaboration among ourselves. We feel that it is not only important to reach the millions of people we are called to evangelize through the media of communication, but also enter into and establish communities in those territories where our presence can encourage new vocations for the future of the Pauline life and mission. To this end, the participants felt duty-bound to make our collaboration productive by way of advance sharing of information and participating in common programs and projects like book fairs, Bible publishing, etc.
In the area of vocation promotion and formation, the members considered it important to orient our formation program for our mission. Every community is and must be formative in nature in order to attract and sustain vocations. At the same time it is important that each one becomes aware of the universality of Pauline vocation and mission and make himself available to carry out the Pauline mission wherever one is called and sent.

(Sgd) Fr Kenji Yamauchi - CAP-ESW President

(Sgd) Fr Celso Godilano - CAP-ESW Permanent Secretary