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Following Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Exhortation, Verbum Domini, Bishop Vergara, a writer for ST PAULS Philippines, stressed in his homily that the Word of God ushers  Hope. As the Asian region is being beset by both moral and natural crises, like the flash floods that devastated the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in the Philippines, people are not just in need of concrete material help. They also need the Word of God as source of strength and encouragement, they whose faces, in the words of Emmanuel Levinas, ordain us “not to kill but to love.“

The official delegates of the Plenary Meeting are:

  • Fr. Silvio Sassi—Superior General;
  • Fr. Ciro Monroy—General Councilor and CTIA President;
  • Fr. Michael Goonan—CAP-ESW Secretary;
  • Fr. Jose Aripio—Provincial Superior, Philippines-Macau;
  • Fr. Cris Robert Cellan—General Director of Apostolate, Philippines-Macau;
  • Fr. Michael Raj—Provincial Superior, India-Nigeria;
  • Fr. Jose Pottayil—General Director of Apostolate, India-Nigeria;
  • Fr. Agostino Suzuki—Provincial Superior, Japan;
  • Bro. Takahito Tokuda—General Director of Apostolate, Japan;
  • Fr. Maggiorino An Seong Cheol—Regional Superior, Korea;
  • Bro. Tito Seo Yeong Joo—General Director of Apostolate, Korea;
  • Fr. Nestor Candado—Delegate Superior, Australia, and
  • Fr. Francis Kochupaliyam, General Director of Apostolate, Australia.
  • Fr. Sebastian Karamvelil, Delegate Superior of Great Britain-Ireland, and Bro. Richard Brunner, Delegate Superior of the United States, could not make it to the meeting for health reasons.

Also attending are: Fr. Celso Godilano, Vicar General, who serves as Resource Person of the Meeting and two General Councilors as Guests/Observers - Fr. Jose Salud Paredes and Bro. Blaise Thadathil. They have come from Rome to serve as Visitators to the Philippine-Macau Province. The verification visit will take place on February 13—17, 2012.

As host, the Philippine-Macau Province is sending three Guests/Observers: Fr. Dominador Guzman, Vicar Provincial; Fr. Alan Gamutan, Coordinator of Formation; and Fr. Leonardo Ellezar, Formator of Postulants based in Cebu. Also present serving as Translator/Interpreter is Fr. Gil Alinsangan.

After Mass, Fr. Sassi blessed and inaugurated the new Alberione Hall expected to serve as venue for conferences and TV Mass production.  Also blessed was the RLandoy Hallway in honor of former St. Paul seminarians and twin brothers, Architects Remus and Romulus Landoy, whose company was instrumental in the construction. Other friends and benefactors were also recognized.

As the community and guests sat down at banquet, the St. Paul Seminarians and Temporary Professed Members (Juniors) rendered Filipino songs under the baton of Ms. Clotie Gealogo, the seminary choir conductress. The visitors were also introduced one by one.

Agenda Paolina

May 23, 2022

Feria (bianco)
At 16,11-15; Sal 149; Gv 15,26–16,4a

May 23, 2022

* Nessun evento particolare.

May 23, 2022

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